Changing the appointment listed on main page

Changing the appointment listed on main page


This new feature allows users to have a better overview of the appointment for the selected period. 


In order for it to be activated by the user, your location needs to have been configured. Simply contact us at and we will investigate to see if your location can have this feature activated.


This setting can be set on your profile/account. 

Changing the selection

For changing the selection, click the grey button below List appointment by to open a dropdown menu as shown in the image below.

Once you selected Scheduled In/Out Date, WO listed on the main page will be visible:
  1. If the date selected is the appointment date.
  2. If the date selected is between scheduled in and scheduled out. However, if one or the other is unavailable, the appointment date will be used instead. 
  3. If the appointment is with an appointment set to Car in shop on that day.

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