Changing the process status

Changing the process status


Change the progress in Claire when the control is reported completed. Performing an action such as drawing up an estimate or the customer's agreement statement.


In the workorder (appointment detail page), the bar will be display at the top of the screen.

You see different possibilities here :

  1. Car in shop*
  2. Calculating
  3. Proposal OK
  4. Contact
  5. Customer OK
*Car in shop button always remains enabled, allowing you to indicate when the car is in and out of the shop. 

New entry indicated as Car in Shop will be show with this icon:

If Car in Shop was clicked and then click again to indicate the Car is Out of Shop, every WO with any status will have  the following icon added:

Until Car in Shop is clicked again then its removed.

Changing the process status

Clicking the Progress button will change the status in Claire at the exception of Car in Shop which only does it when the appointment is set as new otherwise will only display the events in the appointment details timeline.
It is very important that this is done consistently per status. This way, everyone within the company is always aware of where in the process the car is.

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