Editing your profile

Editing your profile


In the profile page, you can modify certain elements of your profile, change password, change default location and change landing page.


The profile page is accessible at the top right corner.

Updating information

Updating profile picture

Simply click the circle indicated to browse your computer to upload the desired avatar.

Updating phone number

Simply click the field indicated by the red arrows.

Changing location

  1. Click the grey item indicated and select your location from the drop down.
  2. Click the save button indicated.

Changing landing page

  1. Click the grey item indicated and select your landing page from the drop down.
  2. Click the save button indicated. 

Changing List appointments by

Once you selected Scheduled In/Out Date, WO listed on the main page will be visible:
If the date selected is the appointment date.
If the date selected is between scheduled in and scheduled out. However, if one or the other is unavailable, the appointment date will be used instead. 
If the appointment is with an appointment set to Car in shop on that day.
Changing password

Click the grey button called Change Password.

A modal window appears, where you can change your password.

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