PDF layout

PDF layout

Since version 7.10.19 checklist PDF has a new look. We have redesigned it to be aligned with our latest module  Customer Communications. 

At the top you see appointments, car and customer information. 

In the next heading you will find all activities (interventions) that the customer came for and the necessary and advisable items that have been repaired. 

Then you will see the photos taken. The number in the photo corresponds to the number indicated on a question from the checklist.

After that you will see the found necessary and advisable points not fixed.

If a tire element question was ever performed, you will see the latest diagnose.

Lists the items found that are working properly.

Finally, the name of the person who performed the checklist will be visible and any signature captured on the tablet. 

Note:  ‚ÄčThe name of the mechanic who performed the check and signatures can be hidden, simply contact us at support@claireit.eu

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