Performing a check

Performing a check

In Claire you have the possibility to make various checks. It starts with Claire check followed by Final Control and Quality Control.

Before starting a check you first have to open the work order. You can do this by clicking on the work order number.

When you have opened the work order, you will see a button at the top right with Check/Final Check/Quality Control.

When you click on this, the check will start.

Completing a Claire check:

  • Green: It is fine.
  • Green + addition (T): It is fine but you want to add text, photo or video.
  • Orange: Advice point. It is not urgent but affects the driving behavior, comfort and safety of the car.
  • Red: Necessary. It is irresponsible to continue driving or APK disapproval.

If a check is not fully completed, you will not be able to continue. In order to proceed, all points on the checklist must be checked and processed in the application. If one or more steps have been forgotten, this will be shown at the bottom of the screen.

Once the check is properly completed, click End Car Check and the following screen will be visible once the information has been successfully transferred.

Completing Car Final Check:

The Car Final Check allows you to indicate which interventions, from your DMS and Claire, were fixed/repaired and add any necessary remarks, picture and video for each of them. It is also through it that  you can indicate that the car is now ready.

After completing a first check the final check will be available to you by clicking the button with the double check marks on the top right corner. On the Final Check screen, only approved interventions are visible for you to repair.

The check-off is done by raising the thumb. You can do this by clicking on the red thumb. 

In order to record your changes, simply click on the END CAR FINAL CHECK button on top right corner of the Car Overview screen. 

After clicking it, one of two following messages could appear:

Did you swap tires ? (Front tires with rear tires, or car tires with storage tires)

This message will only appear if you answered a tire element question.
  1. Answer YES and you will be redirected to a screen where you can indicate swap.
  2. Answer NO to resume to the next question when applicable.
  3. Click Ask Me Later and the question will be asked again the next time.
Is the car ready ?

This message will appear when:
  1. No critical or advised intervention was identified in a check.
  2. WO reached the Customer Ok status
  1. Answer YES and the status of the WO will be updated to Car Ready.
  2. Answer NO and the WO status will remain unchanged and the question will be asked again the next time you click END CAR FINAL CHECK button or the double check marks button if all interventions are indicated as fixed.

Completing a quality check:

After the mechanic reports the car ready, a quality check can be done by the workshop manager. Here it is checked whether all data is correct and whether all planned activities have been carried out and if the car is ready for counters. At Claire, we aim to ensure that 15% of all cars leaving the workplace pass the final inspection.

Using the camera function

Questions can have the function photo or video enabled.
Video is an optional feature and its activation must be requested at

Taking a photo

In order to take one or more photo, click on the following icon at the bottom of the question. 

Updating the photo with a red circle

On any photo, you can then click the following pictogram and add one or more circles to point to its viewer where to pay attention.

Move the circle using one finger, to increase its size, simply put two fingers together on the screen and spread them apart. To reduce the size of the display, place your fingers apart and pinch them toward each other.

Here is an example:

Taking a video

In order to take one or more video, click on the following icon at the bottom of the question. 

The maximum duration for one video is 30 seconds.

Deleting a picture or video

To delete a picture, click on the red trash or red x button in the corner of the image:

The following pop-up will appear, click Confirm to delete the photo or video.



  1. Winter tires 4.0
  2. Summer tires 2.5
  3. Brake discs 1 mm
  4. Air conditioning not functional or smelly air conditioning
  5. Call back actions
  6. Apk disapprove

  • Winter tires 4.9
  • Summer tires 3.9
  • Brake discs 2 mm
  • Airco slightly bad smell
  • Dents, scratches, seeds, worn mats or upholstery etc.

If you do not remember where the car came from but you have already started the check, you can click on the button in the top right corner of the screen with the wrench on it. You will now see the job description. If you click on the same button again, you will return to the check. 

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