Pin on appointment

Pin on appointment

Pin function will allow you to achieve a clear overview on the Appointment list page. You can pin and unpin WOs that do no have have today`s appointment date

How it works

An appointment is automatically pin with a black pin when:
  1. A check started
  2. The appointment status is changed out from Backorder.
An appointment is automaticaly unpin every morning at 5am based on your location setting.
To know or change your location setting, contact the user at your location with the Dealer Admin role to know what is the selection or contact us at
Setting to unpin can be based on appointment status, dollar sign (Billed), and appointment date.
You can manualy pin with a red pin or unpin an appointment on the main dashboard and on the appointment details page.

Main dashboard:

Appointment details page.

Remember this will affect all other users, it why a notification was added when unpinning an appointment.

Explaining number of days count

On the main dashboard, on appointments that are not for today's date you will see on a number next to the appointment date.
This number indicate the difference in number of days between today and the appointment date. 

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