Using customer communication

Using customer communication

This feature allows you to communicate to your customer details about the interventions directly from Claire in the form of an email. Inversely, the customer is able to communicate their decisions back to you, thanks to Claire's customer communication webpage. A webpage where they can review the interventions and select their decisions for each one that you listed. Once the customer has taken their decisions, it would be clearly visible to you on the work order. 


  1. Initiate: A receptionist can simply click on the email icon at the top right corner of the appointment details and a screen should appear. On the upper section of the screen you should see a Select email  and Select phone number dropdowns where you can choose to which address to send email/sms  (Driver/Owner/Contractor private or business email/sms). ***  In the Note field add any text that you want to share with your customer. 
  2. Review: Then on the bottom part of that same screen, review and if needed adjust the mechanic's notes or/and the price that you wish to share with the customer. Be advised, that any change made on that screen will automatically update the information on the work order.
  3. Send: Once the proposal is ready, click the green Send button at the bottom right side of the screen. A new icon  will appear on the work order next to the intervention. 
  4. Received: Once the customer receives the email, they will be invited to click on the link it contains. If customer informs you that they haven't received the email, they should first verify their spam folder or verify that the email address he/she provided was properly entered. Note that you can resend it by clicking again on the Send button. Any update will be visible on the progress bar.
  5. Customer review: The link they should open will redirect them to a webpage that will first display a window (Welcome screen) containing your note. Once they close the first window, they will see on the main page a list of interventions segregated in two parts: The initial interventions on top of the list and the optionals at the bottom of the list. 
  6. Customer input: Customer will select his decision from a dropdown menu for each intervention listed:
    1. Fix this item
    2. Don't fix this item
    3. Contact me
  7. Customer response: In order for Claire to be updated, the customer must click on the Confirm order button at bottom right corner. Responses will be added in the column next to the pin and snooze buttons and each response is represented with one of the following icons:
    1. Customer wants to fix this item  
    2. Customer doesn't want to fix this item
    3. Customer wants to be contacted
  8. Authorise work: Update work to be done (thumb up/thumb down) in the work order by easily matching the customer's final response. 
*** Note: When selecting an email or phone number, you could see the customer greyed out as shown below:

This means that on the customer's page, this customer was excluded from receiving communications.
Note: The following pop up will appear when you update a price for a question item included in a diagnose overview that was opened: 

If you click Confirm, an Updated diagnose overview email will automatically be sent to the driver/owner/contractor.
Note that once submitted, the customer cannot reopen the customer communication webpage and make new changes.
Following progress:

Customer communication icons:
 : Send offer to the customer

Offer received but not seen by the customer

Offer received and seen by the customer

:Order has been confirmed by the customer

: Order is no longer open to change

Car control report is available to be sent to the customer

Overview button
: Since V7.10.20, once a diagnose or repair overview is opened by it’s recipient, a new button will become visible on the appointment details page on the left of the Customer Communication button. When clicked on, a new tab on your browser will be open where you can view  the latest customer communication sent in a read only mode at its latest state (responded or not).

Status bar:

Progress status:

Filter Bar:

This feature is optional. If you want it included in Claire, please contact us at

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