Using notification buttons

Using notification buttons

On the appointment details page, three buttons with different icons are available in the top bar.  They can be filled in by yourself and applied as you wish. When you click on one of these 3 icons, a new icon, in the color selected when applicable, will be displayed on the main page (appointment list page) for the relevant work order. These icons have no definitive meaning.

Recommended definitions
It is likely that agreements in regard to their definitions have been made internally within the company or at the location where you work on how and when they will be deployed. So first communicate with your colleagues or supervisor about these agreements. Here are our recommended definitions:
  1. The green dollar sign can be used once the customer was invoiced or has paid. 
  2. The green star can be used to indicate that the car needs to be washed. You can create your own categorization using the four available colors , for example by assigning workorders to various receptionists.
  3. The shopping cart can be used to indicate different statuses:
    1. Green: Ordered with same day delivery.
    2. Blue: Not ordered yet.
    3. Red: Ordered but items are backorder.
    4. Orange: Ordered with next day delivery.

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