Pinning a note to an intervention.

Pinning a note to an intervention.

The pin note is an effective way to highlight an intervention and keep track of any progression made on it. The pin note can be used for simple remarks or to tag specific intervention items under warranty or recall. By using this feature, you will then populate the warranty dashboard feature.

How to access it

On the appointment details page, next to every intervention, a grey pin icon will be indicated. Simply click on it to have the pin modal appearing for you to interact with.

Adding a new pin

Once clicked on,  the pin modal will appear as follow:


Headers section

Pin type: 

  1. Remarks
  2. Warranty 
  3. Recall

Warranty type (Only enable if warranty type was selected):

  1. Factory
  2. Leniency
  3. Paint/body 
  4. On Repair
  5. Occasion
  6. Service

Status (Only enable when Warranty and Recall):

  1. Support
  2. Approval pending
  3. More Info
  4. Billed
  5. Approved 
  6. Declined
  7. Claimed (bill is send to OEM)

Enter if needed the appropriate information in the following fields: 

  1. Support#
  2. Claims #
  3. Ref #
Since V7.25, you can request from our that the color of the pin changed:
  1. Orange when claim# is missing.
  2. Red when support# is missing.
  3. Red supersedes orange when support # and claim # are missing.

Note section

Note will populate the log history on you click save or update, however you will not be able to modify it or delete it afterward.

Note field

Enter your comment in the field.

Adding a file

The paperclip button is only enabled once a character is entered in the note field. Multiple files can be added for each note entered. After a file was added, the toggle buttons Note visible in important items and Note visible for the mechanic are automatically enabled. 

Note visible in important items

When enabled, if the pin is on  questions, the question will then appear in section Important Items in the appointment details page and the note will be visible as a sub-line under it.

However, if the pin is for an intervention, the note will then be visible under it as sub-line under the intervention.

Note visible for the mechanic

The note will then be visible on the Claire application for the tablet.

Keep parts

If enable, it will create an easily identifiable note, than can be visible on the appointment details or/and for the mechanics on their tablets.

Log section

Log history is sorted by from most recent to oldest. If after a pin was entered the question/intervention is fixed, it will also display a new entry with: Marked as fixed
The print overview will display all element of the pin plus the following information:
  1. Appointment information
  2. Customer information (Visible or not using the toggle button on the top left)
  3. Car information
  4. Questions result from the related checklist with photo, remark and statuses.

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