Reading car details

Reading car details


The car details ables Claire user to review all information gathered about a car. Review car information is an important part of the Claire process.


The navigation bar:

At any moment, you can click on any of the element visible on the header for the element to be scroll directly to that element.

Car details:

In it you will find detailed customer and vehicle data.

DMS Notes:

If configured for your workshop, the DMS notes will be displayed in this section.

Snoozed item: 

If any intervention are snoozed on the vehicle, it will be visibe below the information bar.

Pinned item

Car appointment history

In the shop´s pass history you will find the following information. In the header bar are:
  1. Date of the appointment
  2. Location: The name of  the workshop.
  3. Date recommended for the next interview
  4. Current mileage
  5. Mileage at the next appointment
Under the header bar:
  • Name of control/checklist performed
  • Number of photos taken
  • Number of critical points found
  • Number of critical points approved
  • Number of advice point found
  • Number of advice points approved

Note: Since version 7.10.38, appointment that are canceled will be indicated as such.

Car driving trend

In this graph, you can visualize the number of kilometers traveled and see the averages per day, month and year.

Since V7.13, a Predicted next maintenance date is indicated. It takes the average number of kilometers driven per day between the first and last appointment to calculate on which date the vehicle should reach the Next KM for maintenance.


In this section, you can see the tires currently on the car and in storage.

The red trash button give the user with the receptionist role the option to remove the set from the car.

 If the car has DBB, instead of removing the set in claire, open the dbb portal for that car.

If the car last appointment is in the car check started status, the button

Adding a file

You can add a file to the car detail page by clicking on the blue paperclip icon on the top right corner of the page.

By clicking on this icon you have the option to add a file.

To see if there is a file added, see if there is a number that is behind the paperclip icon.

To download an added file, click on the name off the added file and you will start downloading the file. In case you want to remove the file you added, just click on the red trash button.

Note: The file added in the car detail page will not be visible to mechanics.

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