Introduction to the Customer Communication module

Introduction to the Customer Communication module


In 2019, Claire has begun to develop a module called Customer Communication module to complement the Claire process. It allows clear and transparent communication with your customer. Being a digital way of communication, it creates the unforeseen competitive advantage of allowing you to respect customers that demand social distancing. This without sacrificing the quality of information and service you are providing to them. It is built to be completely in tune with the Claire process of reducing delays and frictions at your workplace.

Integrated to the Claire process



  1. Customers will receive personalized communication.
  2. Customers will have an overview of the photos and videos added.
  3. Intervention status and details will be clearly communicated.


  1. On their own devices, PC, tablet or phone, your customers will be able to provide their approvals. 
  2. The results will be shown directly in Claire.


  1. With a single click, a receptionist can indicate the elements that will be visible to the customer.

Corporate identity

You will be able to apply your own style by adding:
  1. Your logo
  2. Your color code
  3. Your welcome photo
  4. Your promotions, offers etc.

Communication channels

In order to communicate with your customers, Claire currently supports the following channels:
  1. Email
  2. SMS
Additional channels will be added in the future.

Please note that with our advanced setting it is possible to interconnect and use your own communication channels.


Third party systems can be connected to Claire to be notified in real time when communication are made available to a customer.


€ 59,- *
per location per month

  1. DMS connexion 
  2. Step by step setting
  3. Documentation and support
*Exclusive to business licenses

Getting started

Simply contact us at

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