Using Online Check-in

Using Online Check-in

As part of the Customer Communication module, the Online Check-in tool gives customers the opportunity, prior to their appointment, to review the agreed work. Moreover, the customer will be offered additional activities. Optionally you can have promotions for a selection of car make. So when your customers come to bring their cars to check-in, the work to be done have already been agreed upon. 

Using Online Check-in


Step 1

Configure the Online Check-In for your location:

Step 2

By default,  3 days before the appointment date, at 8pm, customers will receive an email or  (depending on the preferred channel selected by the customer) with your template which includes a link to the Online Check-in web page that contains the following information:
  1. Appointment details
    1. Details about your appointment
    2. Details about car
    3. Details about customer 
  2. Scheduled Services
    1. List of items
    2. Remarks
    3. Price
  3. Optional Services
    1. List of services offered(Car wash, inside cleaning, etc.)
    2. Description of the items
    3. Price
    4. Url link (If added)
    5. Option to accept it or not, similar to a shopping list or request to be contacted.
  4. Customer Remarks
    1. Title
    2. Description
    3. Files
On the welcome page, the customer is able to update his email and phone number information and to select his preferred channel between email and SMS. The email and phone if updated will then be visible on the appointment details page. The preferred channel selected will update the customer information in Claire. That information is visible to you on the customers information modal.

At this stage, customers are able to review the appointment and the interventions scheduled beforehand. They have the options to order one or more services. Finally, they can share remarks about problems about the vehicle. Prior to confirming the order, customers need to accept the mandatory Online Check-in agreements.

Note: Currently if you delete an appointment in your DMS after it was imported in Claire. The appointment remains visible in Claire, therefore an Online Check-in communication  will be sent to the customer unless you cancel the appointment. If it's already sent but not answered, you can still canceled the appointment, it will close it so no new service can be accepted.

Note: Customers can check-in up to the day before the scheduled appointment date. 

Note: Only one recipient will receive the email, in this order:  
  1. Driver, 
  2. Owner
  3. Contractor

Note: Online check-in communication will be sent at 7pm, 3 days (by default) before the scheduled appointment date.
          Appointment sheduled in less than 3 days (example walk-in) will not have a communication sent.
Note: Date displayed in the email and in the Online Check-in is communication is the Scheduled in date and time.  Please make sure it remains up to date in your DMS.

Step 3

If a customer has selected an optional service or/and added a remark, you will see a particular new icon  on the appointment list. It will remain there as long as the online check-in items that it contains are not handled.

Once you open the appointment , you will find a new section above the section Interventions that will show you the customer selections and any added remark.

The customer response should always be automatically visible in Claire, you can track-it in the progress bar or in the Customer Communication log.  If for unforeseen reason, a customer response is delayed, please contact us at
You can also share the remark and the attached videos and/or images with the mechanics. Click the button indicated by the red arrow in the image below.

The following modal will open, simply toggle on the button on the left of Visible to Mechanic

Once is done, mechanics will see it on the appointment overview.

Step 4

By default,  every item will be identified as not yet handled with the following  icon  . Once you have handled it, click on it and you will see the icon changing appearance to .

For locations connected to CDK API, items from the online check-in tool will be converted to interventions in Claire and synchronized to the DMS via the CDK API after receptionist click's on the check-in item and then clicks convert to intervention. Remark can also be converted after being confirmed in the following modal: 

Step 5

Once all item of the appointment have been indicated as handled, the appointment will then only appear on its scheduled date with the following icon  in order to easily identify it.

On the Main Dashboard, once the online check-in is answered, the field for owner/driver/contractor name will be highlighted blue.

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